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Because of YOU, each year Erie Shores HealthCare treats more than 90,000 people. Our dedicated team of doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, technicians, and support workers care for over 38,000 emergency room patients and administer 96,000 diagnostic tests each year. We also perform over 4800 surgical procedures annually, with 500 of these patients requiring in-hospital care.

Because of YOU, the Foundation is proud to offer all programs and services at no cost to Erie Shores Hospice residents. Since its inception, the Erie Shores Hospice has been able to help over 500 local residents and families, by dramatically improving end of life care in Essex County. Services are holistic in nature and include wellness programs, support groups, fitness programs, counselling, education and palliative care. Due to your generosity, services are provided in a space that is both serene and welcoming, responding to the diverse needs of our local community.

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